Demolition work

Using the machinery and equipment it has Purustaja OÜ can be commissioned to carry out comprehensive and complete demolition of buildings, but also to handle interior demolition as well as demolition of a prepared box of a building.
If in the course of the process any need for particular special work is identified (removal of hazardous waste, relocation of major communications, etc.) we shall involve professionals or companies specialising in the respective field in our contract.

Demolition of major buildings
Demolition of large buildings – plants, warehouses, infrastructure networks, high residential and commercial buildings – requires skilful combination of powerful equipment, human expertise and technologies. This involves processing of large quantities of waste, coping with increased occupational hazards, handling of logistics and managing of intense work schedules. Purustaja OÜ has a machine pool meeting these requirements, a staff with many years of experience in the field, and a capability of developing flexible financing options for its customers.

Demolition of small buildings and structures
Demolition of small buildings (single-family homes, annexes, 1 and 2 storey commercial buildings, etc.) does not require powerful construction machines; however, combining of appropriate work techniques and technologies is essential here as well.
If the surrounding conditions prevent carrying out the job with crawler excavators, Purustaja OÜ is prepared to perform the work with wheel-based construction machines.

Interior demolition
Purustaja OÜ carries out interior demolition both as a separate job, as well as a preparatory stage of a complete demolition project.
In the case of buildings intended to be renovated, interior demolition represents a separate job, in the course of which the following items are removed:

  • unnecessary partition walls,
  • worn finishing materials,
  • dilapidated networks (cables, pipelines, heating systems),
  • doors and windows intended to be replaced.

In the case of buildings intended to be demolished completely the purpose of interior demolition is to prepare the box of the building for ultimate demolition, taking into consideration optimum waste recovery and cost reduction. In the case of buildings with concrete and/or brick main structures, e.g., suspended ceilings, plasterboard partition walls, windows and doors are removed before employing large excavators. In wooden buildings too plasterboard, ceramic tiles, cables, linoleum, etc. finishing materials are first removed manually or with the use of smaller machinery.

Asbestos work
Asbestos is a construction material the hazardous effect of which on people, coming in contact with it, has been underestimated both in Estonia as well as in many developing countries. Until 1980ies materials containing asbestos were used rather widely, and therefore, demolition of many buildings requires performing of asbestos work. Therefore, when working on such sites Purustaja OÜ involves partners with appropriate qualifications and equipment.
For instance, asbestos can be found in most of fibre cement board types, in many insulation materials, certain binding agents (glues, mortars) and finishing boards, which means that during demolition work the staff can easily come in contact with materials and objects generating asbestos dust. Here we would like to emphasise that a customer, who takes into consideration the need for proper asbestos work is not merely managing the risks connected with environmental pollution, but acts, above all, with care towards the staff carrying out demolition work.