Post-demolition work

Although the activities described below constitute an integral part of a properly performed demolition work, in certain cases a demolition company has to finish work, which was left undone or was not completed by others, while sometimes the company is simply called to clean up neglected areas.

Waste management
In addition to skilful dismantling of building structures every demolition project involves appropriate handling of construction waste, which offers benefits both from the environmental aspect as well as from the aspect of reduced expenses. The established practice of Purustaja OÜ generally includes the following:

  • scrap metal is sold to a specialised purchaser and, when pricing an object, we are always trying to take into account the income earned such way,
  • wooden parts – window frames, doors, door frames, frames, boarding, etc. – are used for energy generation, i.e. are generally delivered to a wood chip producer,
    concrete elements, bricks etc. rock material is crushed with a mobile crusher, to be
  • used as a filler material with the fraction size of 0-60 … 150 mm,
  • waste not suitable for recovery (rubbish, insulation material, roofing felt, etc.) is delivered to a construction materials landfill.

Removal of demolition waste
Purustaja OÜ sorts the construction waste generated in the course of demolition and removes it from the construction site. In the case of smaller quantities and sites this is done with swappable Multilift containers, when the quantities are large, rock material is removed with heavy vehicles.

Reconditioning of construction sites
Following the demolition of buildings the construction site has to be delivered to the customer in a reconditioned state. Therefore the land under the building and the plot is:

  • levelled,
  • filled with appropriate material, which can be crushed brick or concrete,
  • covered with gravel, and/or;
  • planted with greenery.

Cleaning of territories
Often large territories need cleaning and reconditioning even without actual demolition work. There could be many reasons for this – the buildings have already been demolished, but the demolition waste has not been utilised, the wasteland has been used to dump rubbish, etc. Purustaja OÜ offers its assistance for reconditioning such territories, either in combination with other services, or as a separate service.