Additional services

Metal cutting

Hydraulic shears mounted on an excavator can be used to demolish and cut metal structures and process scrap metal, creating pre-sale added value (purchasers of scrap metal pay 200-300 kroons more for a ton of cut-to-size scrap). Shears with the cutting power of 150 tons allow cutting of up to 15 mm thick steel plates, 400 mm IPN beams or 65 mm iron bars.

The existing equipment of Purustaja OÜ can be used for risk-free cutting in fire hazardous environments or under water, for rendering harmless of pressure vessels, and for cutting of highly flammable materials.

Rock crushing

The mobile rock crusher Nordberg LT116 is sufficiently powerful to process all natural and artificial rock materials used in the region:

  • limestone,
  • quarrystone,
  • granite,
  • brick waste,
  • asphalt,
  • reinforced concrete, etc.

Depending on the position of the crusher jaws the fraction size of the produced material ranges from 0-60 /150 mm, and the capacity of the crusher is 65-180 t/h. The magnetic separator of the crusher ensures that any metal objects in the material (reinforcement, nails, pipes, etc.) are separated from the filling material produced.

Excavator services with various attachments

The hydraulic crawler and wheel excavators of Purustaja OÜ with a versatile range of attachments can offer the following services:
breaking with a hydraulic breaker (rammer) – for breaking of limestone, foundations, large concrete objects, etc.
pulverising of concrete and brick waste,
excavation with digging buckets,
sorting and loading of materials with grapples,
sorting and loading of materials with clamshell buckets,
loading of materials with bulk material buckets.