Work preceding construction work

Often demolition is closely connected with subsequent construction work – by dismantling and removing of old buildings sites are cleared for new projects. In such circumstances involving a demolition company in preparatory activities can yield several (cost related) benefits – the machinery needed for the work is already at the construction site, the staff and the specialists are already familiar with the particular aspects of the site, while a larger work volume offers overall economy of scale.

Purustaja OÜ can offer, for instance, the following preparatory work for erecting new buildings:

  • Excavation and removal of soil.
    This service means excavation of soil to the desired height parameter and the excavated material is stored or removed from the construction site.
  • Excavating foundation pits.
    The construction company excavates the foundation pits of the desired dimensions and depth.
  • Creating gravel foundation bases.
    The floor of the foundation pit is covered with grave base in accordance with the standards prescribed by the construction design documentation.
  • Constructing foundations for roads and squares (constructing sand and gravel bases)
    Constructing of foundations for roads and squares involves handling of large quantities of construction materials – excavated soil, sand, gravel. Purustaja OÜ has both machinery with the capacity sufficient for such work, as well as extensive experience in the field of logistics, which is a key component in performing such work.