KIK demolition subsidy

As of 2012, as a part of the water economy programme, the Environmental Investment Centre (KIK) offers subsidies for tearing down ramshackle and unused agricultural, industrial or military buildings or structures, which in the opinion of local governments have a damaging effect on the landscape. Subsidy may be applied for by local governments, non-profit associations and foundations, companies, enterprises and entrepreneurs as well as educational and science institutions.

Purustaja OÜ is prepared to offer its customers integrated solutions for applying for the KIK subsidy. On the basis of the order and authorisation received we are ready to offer:

  • consulting for establishing the optimum demolition work
  • preparing of the demolition design and applying for the demolition permit
  • drafting of the waste management plan
  • assembling of the necessary additional documents
  • formalisation of the application in the KIK self-service environment

To enquire additional information you are welcome to contact us by telephone 662 2212 or 52 49078, or send an enquiry to

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