We demolished foundations of wind turbines

Within international cooperation, daughter company of Purustaja OÜ in Finland – PurkuPro Oy – demolished three foundations of wind turbines on island of Barälandet, near Inkoo. Among other tasks we separated one steel base from the concrete, which Lithuanian company Inikti Wind will use to re-construct whole wind turbine in Lithuania. Steel base ring had diameter of 4 m and total weight of 12 tons.
One Enercon E66/2000 (capacity 2000 kW, diameter 66 m) wind turbine had concrete foundation volume about 200 m3 (500 tons).
Dismantled wind turbine and the foundations belonged to Swedish company SAWA Wind. SABA Wind belongs to group of Slitevind AB, which is the largest privately owned wind power producer in Sweden with annual production volume ca 200 GWh.
Lithuanian company Inikti Wind is leading company in region of Baltic Sea, specialising in plannind, developing and administering wind farms.
Our earth works partner was Inkoon Maanrakennuspalvelu Oy, who restored the natural landscape of Barölandet island.